Παρασκευή, 12 Ιουλίου 2013

Rock & Blues Regatta - Paphos

It is a fact that many people who love sailing seem to love music too and are often keen musicians themselves. Music in all its forms of course, but jazz, blues and in particular rock has a wide appeal. So why not, we thought, organize a yacht-regata which combines days of sailing with the pleasures of Rock and Blues? Mulling over the idea, we met up with Howard Benton.  Engaged in marine work in Paphos Harbour it also turns out that Howard is a talented bluesman, musician and performer with many compositions in blues on the harmonica to his credit.

From this meeting our project blossomed. Now, and thanks to the support and interest of many people, from 25-27 July in Paphos Harbour there is to be a Paphos Blues and Rock Festival, with performers from various different countries taking part. Under the starry July night sky of Paphos, right in the Harbour after each day of saiing, participants in our regatta will be able to enjoy entertainment and three separate performances every evening.

Our SailFirst Company is the proud organizer and main sponsor of the project. And for those participating in our regatta, SailFirst will provide access to stalls and unlimited wine, beer and other drinks. Applications are welcome from individual participants as well as from ready crews and a discount is available for groups.
Thursday 25th July:

Freeriders - Classic Rock and Blues Band
Minus One - Rock Band
The Motives - Blues Rock Band

Friday 26th July:
Symbiosis - Rock Band
The Zilla Project - Blues Band
Rachelle Plas - Blues Rock Band

Saturday 27th July:
The Real Thing - Blues Band
Rachelle Plas - Blues Band
The Motives - Blues Rock Band

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